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In-Depth Discussion of the 1301 S. Ocean Drive Project

The 1301 S. Ocean Drive project is a public-private partnership between the City of Hollywood and The Related Group (PRH 1301 S. Ocean, LLC). It provides a state-of-the-art community center, public green spaces and beachfront access for all of Hollywood’s residents and promises to be a signature destination for the City of Hollywood. A linear path along the edge of the property will connect residents to the beach and broadwalk while adding safe and convenient places to park. Below are responses to frequently asked questions about the project and additional clarifications.

Who will own the property?
The City of Hollywood will retain ownership of land and all of the public facilities. Portions of the property will be leased from the city for a term of 99 years.

Is land being given to the developer?
The City of Hollywood will always maintain ownership of the land and will therefore have direct control of its use. Everything that currently exists today will be rebuilt, enhanced, and expanded for the public’s use and enjoyment. The plans have been created with the knowledge and feedback of the city administration, zoning professionals, and elected officials.

What is the benefit to the City of Hollywood and its residents?
The development plan was conceived in conjunction with the City of Hollywood as a way to expand and enhance the public facilities without any cost to the taxpayers. The project will generate an estimated more than $1 billion in new revenues to the city during the life of the 99-year lease. The initial rent and new public facilities are valued at $40 million, which will be paid within the first few years of the lease. Thereafter, the city will continue to receive more than $3.5 million (estimated) annually to help fund city services as well as an additional (estimated) $3.9 million annually to Broward County, Broward County Public Schools, water districts, and hospital districts.

Does the condo exceed the height restrictions in the zoning code? Does existing zoning allow for this project?
The property is zoned for government use, a designation that does not limit density or height. The proposed density for this building would be less than the buildings to the north and south. The residential component of the project is consistent with the neighborhood.

How does this project meet the intent of the deed restriction which specifies “open space park recreation and public purpose?”
The city attorney has stated that this project fulfills a proper public purpose. The city retains ownership and control of the land, and it receives, at no cost to the taxpayers, larger, more extensive, and brand new code-compliant public facilities. The city receives approximately $1 billion in new revenues over the life of the lease from a property that generates no revenue today.

What assurances are there that the condominium association will maintain the building for life safety issues?
State law mandates maintenance, and the comprehensive agreement, and most importantly the ground lease, will reinforce the state law and allow the city, as the landlord, to enforce all maintenance requirements directly.

Will shadows from this building be greater than shadows from neighboring buildings?
No. Because of the building’s positioning, the shadows are expected to be similar to those cast by neighboring buildings.

Will views be blocked for adjacent buildings?
No, the building will be set back further from the beach than neighboring structures, and not block views from adjacent buildings.

How was the height and density determined for this project?
The Related Group has negotiated a proposal based on financial benefits and public improvements for the city. The Related Group project was selected, in part, because the proposed height and density were consistent with existing structures in the area – and was smaller and less dense than other proposals submitted to the city.

Will the pool deck be open to the public?
No. The swimming pool will be located over the condominium parking structure and will be accessible only to those residing in the building.

Is the residential building separate from the community center?
Yes. The residential component will front A1A, and the public community center will be oceanfront. Both buildings will be separated by the parking garage structure.

How much will it cost to park in the public parking garage?

Parking rates will be set by the city, and all decisions about the operation of the public parking will be made by the city. The developer has proposed to increase the number of public parking spaces to 148-158, which is a 30% increase from what exists today. The developer is building sufficient parking for the private building separate from the public parking.

Why is the developer proposing to remove Azalea terrace?
The plan reimagines the entire area, which includes removing the roadway to create larger, public green and gathering spaces.

What is the benefit of extending the Broadwalk?
The Broadwalk is not being extended. The Broadwalk in this area is a pedestrian path that runs along the dunes parallel to S. Surf Rd. It is being connected and extended to the southern property line.

This is a sea turtle nesting beach it is supposed to be dark from March until October.
The City’s Code Compliance Division routinely issues warnings and citations for properties in violation of the city’s codes related to sea turtle lighting. Buildings constructed to be in compliance with the City’s code and Florida Fish and Wildlife regulations are not generally the properties that have compliance issues. The city and the developer have made every effort to avoid any impacts to the dune and Related has committed to comply with all sea turtle lighting ordinances and regulations. The new facilities will be west of S. Surf Road and will never touch the sand

This area is vulnerable to sea-level rise as shown on sea-level rise projection maps.
The development will be built to standards that meet or exceed all applicable codes.

How will the new community center and library be protected from storm surge and flooding?
The community center and library will be developed to meet and exceed the FEMA flood criteria and will be elevated to offer beachfront views from the public facility.

Placing hundreds of new residents on the barrier island contributes to more traffic and parking issues, and puts them in a hurricane evacuation Zone A.
This proposed project would be less dense than the neighboring properties.